ida anduyan-megastyle-megastyleph 1   [one_half] ida anduyan-megastyle-megastyleph 7 Nude slip dress by EVE THE LABEL [/one_half] [one_half_last]ida anduyan-megastyle-megastyleph8 [/one_half_last] [one_half] With a visual wonderland of a blog and a pastel-perfect Instagram feed to call her own, there is no doubt to Ida Anduyan’s innate understanding of aesthetics. An artist at heart, the 22-year-old’s perceptive eye and natural inclination to the mundanely beautiful translates into her love of makeup and skincare. An affinity strengthened by time and trial, Ida talks beauty and the tips and tricks she subscribes to.
When did you discover your love for skincare and makeup?
I started wearing makeup in late high school, I just recently discovered contouring and highlighting. Before basic lang, like powder, eyeliner and mascara.
What was your first makeup investment?
Probably stuff from Etude House, because it’s fairly cheap for high school students. I used their facial wash and moisturizer.
Do you gravitate towards any particular color palettes?
I’m more into nude palettes: nude lips, subtle smoky eyes and full lashes.
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White lace-up t-shirt dress by EVE THE LABEL

Where do you pick up your skincare and makeup know-hows?
Usually, I learn through YouTube videos for makeup. For skincare, I’ve been through a lot of products for acne-prone people. It’s really trial and error.
What’s the number 1 beauty tip you swear by?
No matter how much high-end makeup you have, if you don’t have a good canvas, it wont go on as nicely as the pictures you see online. Don’t depend on serums. You really have to eat right and eat veggies, although I don’t always do that… (laughs) ‘Yun talaga ang key, having nice skin is all about lifestyle. Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean that expensive products are better than the cheaper ones. Trial and error talaga.

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Maroon triangle bikini top by EVE THE LABEL, White high-waisted wide-legged trousers by MANGO
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On The Beauty Blender: “I’ve tried knock-offs, but I got curious and tried the original. Iba talaga siya.”


On The Balm’s Sexy Mama: “For me, this is the best setting powder, especially if you have oily skin.”


“Usually I put on primer, but if I don’t have events to go to, I just use powder foundation or this skin tint.”

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“In the morning, I use the ProActiv facial cleanser because I’m acne-prone.”

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On Maybelline Mascara: “I’ve tried expensive mascara, but for me, this is the best. Maybelline works for really full lashes.