Beauty Rescue: How to Stop Your Hair Color from Fading


Whether it’s a grungy gray, a pale pastel shade or an unforgiving jet black, it seems almost all of us have #hairgoals we hope to achieve. It’s almost inevitable, really; how could we ignore the hair envy that Fernanda Ly, Grimes and fashion’s other resident cool girls give us?

Unable to resist the call of the salon or the do-it-yourself dye job, we give in to our desire for a transformation. But what happens when we finally nail the color of our dreams? Fully aware of hair dye’s tendency to dry out the locks and fade over time, we list down three ways to keep the health and color of your mane in check.


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Given time, any dye job is bound to go green or turn brassy. At the risk of losing the tinge in your tresses too early, we suggest switching out your current shampoo and conditioner for a mildly formulated duo focused on preserving colored hair’s vitality.

We covet: Cynos Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner The best kind of double agent, this dynamic duo keeps hair clean, soft and beautifully colored. Cynos’ shimmery Color Extend Shampoo offers structure and body to dried out locks while its conditioning counterpart delivers finger comb-worthy smoothness.


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All forms of heat styling, blow drying, flat ironing, you name it, cause our hair dryness and strip it of color. The worst part? Even relaxing hot showers can inflict damage and wash our beloved dye jobs away.

We covet: Cynos Moisture Plus Spray Before or after styling, spray a little life back into that mane with a moisturizing solution. With protein and ceramide, this lightweight product is a leave-in conditioner made better.


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The side effects of dyeing–from loss of moisture to brittleness–are the very factors that make hair prone to loss of color. The best way to keep these consequences at bay? With hydrating, fatty acid-rich argan oil.

We covet: Cynos Body & Thairapy Morocco Argan Oil Perfect to use for both hair and body, argan oil has gained a reputation for its anti-aging and nourishing effects. Covering all bases, this magic product can be used as a shampoo, a concentrated hair mask or a styling agent.

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