Beauty Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

beauty-resolutions-you-can-keep-1 It’s a new year again! You probably already have your character resolutions, health resolutions, career resolutions…but now we’re giving you 5 doable beauty resolutions (because we care about your hotness like that). These aren’t your run-of-the-mill “drink more water” or “exercise more” advice–these are easy habit-changers you can definitely stick to for the entire year, because we know that resolutions can be hard to keep. Ready to gear up for a prettier 2017?

1. Keep makeup removers on your bed side table


This is a fool-proof way to shake that habit of sleeping with makeup on. In case you’re too tired to clean up in the bathroom, just grab these bedside wipes before shutting off for the night.

2. Purchase a water tracker tumbler 

The Increment Bottle Motivational Water Bottle, Php 938.67, Etsy

While it’s always a must to drink water for your skin (you’ve probably heard this 100x already), the habit can be difficult to maintain. Having an actual reminder on your water bottle might help you keep this beauty resolution once and for all.

3. Have a “me-time” session every weekend


Dedicate a couple of hours for a weekend beauty routine every Sunday (or any day you’re not swamped with work). These can include a luxurious face mask or a relaxing exfoliating session. You’d be surprised at how much fresher you’ll look for the week ahead.

4. Master one beauty technique from Youtube every month


Always wanted to elevate your look? Learn to perfect that winged liner, or master a few eye shadow looks? One convenient way to achieve this is by watching beauty tutorials on Youtube. Have a checklist, and tick them off at least once a month. Now that’s making good use of technology!

5. Keep your brush cleaners close to your brushes


Cleaning your cosmetic tools can be tedious (deep cleaning them can take up your entire day and break your bac), but as they say, prevention is the best cure. Make sure to do quick cleaning sessions every now and then to avoid build up–and the easiest way to remember is to store the tools and the cleaners in close proximity.

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