Beauty Without Nasties? Yes, It’s Possible

This is the kind of stuff we wouldn’t mind putting on our faces. Established as the United Kingdom’s first certified organic health and beauty company, Neal’s Yard Remedies set its little blue bottles apart from the skincare realm’s other offerings right off the bat. Prioritizing holistic health over temporary solutions, NYR leaves no room for GMOs. The best part? Their ethical, all-organic products are finally available in Manila.

The brand’s best-selling Frankincense Intense range, Bee Lovely line, bath oils and essentials oils are among the products you’ll find at Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Rustans Makati counter

To celebrate the brand’s official launch in the Philippines, Neal’s Yard Remedies took us to Sonya’s Garden for an afternoon of healthy eating and pampering. Click through the gallery below to see what you missed!

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