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FIRST LOOK: We Found The Best Eyeliner Yet from Fenty Beauty

As we’re getting closer to December, glitter is yet to take over every holiday collection there is, but leave it to bad gal Rihanna to always put a twist to the expected.  Glitters are too pretty to look at (just marvel on the glitter masks trend), but not everyone is a fan of having flecks of […]

By Patricia Melliza | October 12, 2017

Meet the First Albino Woman To Star In A Beauty Campaign

Cosmetics brand Wet N Wild is definitely headed towards the right direction.  For their new “Breaking Beauty” collection, the brand got Diandra Forrest to star in their campaign, making her the first albino woman to front a beauty campaign.   A post shared by Diandra Forrest (@diandraforrest) on Feb 12, 2017 at 7:16pm PST The […]

By Marella Ricketts | October 12, 2017

Get That Flawless Look Even Without Makeup in 3 Easy Ways

Gone are the days when a fully made up look was the look du jour. As seen on our Instagram feeds and the past runways, clean, shining skin is still in, which only gives us more reasons to go bare-faced. Not ready to let go of your foundation? Below are three skincare steps to look […]

By Patricia Melliza | October 11, 2017

3 Skin Brightening Tricks for That Tired, Dull Skin

Whether you haven’t been getting that 8-hour sleep or you haven’t been committing to your skincare lately, it all translates to one thing: tired, sluggish skin.  Here’s how you can reverse the damage:  1. Conceal with benefits At times like these, multitasking has never been so important. Reach for beauty products that double as skincare, […]

By Patricia Melliza | October 11, 2017

Girl Power: These Four Women Redefine #BeautyGoals

Ladies, we can rule the world! Revlon stands by women as they go out and chase their dreams. The makeup brand taps Dani Barretto, Almira Teng, Carla Lizardo and Bianca Guidotti―all inspiring women who give us a boost of confidence. Living the millennial dream means not being afraid to take risks. Dani knows this to […]

By The MEGAstyle Team | October 10, 2017

Dyeing Your Hair For The First Time? Here’s What You Should Know

There’s nothing more exciting (and slightly terrifying) than dyeing your hair for the first time. Apart from deciding which hair peg to go for, there are a few more things you should know before you hit the salon, as taking the colored hair plunge comes with both dedication and care! 1. Manage your expectations Before […]

By Patricia Melliza | October 10, 2017