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The Mila Kunis-Approved Eye Makeup Trick To Look Sultry

When we speak of Mila Kunis’ enviable sultry vibe, what comes to mind is her glowy olive skin and her curvy bod. However, what many people don’t notice is her signature eye makeup. In fact, the bombshell beauty has been wearing the same look for years, and it never gets old. Mila’s red carpet look is […]

By Patricia Melliza | August 15, 2017

Is Your Current Beauty Routine Safe? This Genius App Will Tell You

When it comes to shopping for skincare, beauty girls are a suspicious crew. After stressful experiences and misleading ads, it takes a while before a new product becomes a staple. The way we buy beauty now isn’t as simple as grabbing an unknown product (unless you’ve been lured by a pretty packaging). As these items […]

By Patricia Melliza | August 10, 2017

Dakota Johnson’s Secret To Fuller Lashes Is Surprisingly Easy

Fifty Shades Darker star Dakota Johnson plays a complicated role on screen, but she knows how to keep it simple in real life. With her gap-toothed, messy lob, and porcelain skin, this actress can take an easy hair and makeup off the street and onto the red carpet with ease, and still be a headturner. So when it comes to […]

By Patricia Melliza | August 10, 2017

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The Benefits Of Switching To Vegan Makeup Brushes—Aside From Being Cruelty-Free

In case you haven’t heard, Kat Von D just went completely Vegan, and she’s rolling out a line of cruelty-free and vegan makeup brushes. The makeup brand has always been epic on its own, but the talented tattoo artist steps up her game even more. “We are living in amazing times right now where technology is […]

By Patricia Melliza | August 9, 2017

Model Nikita McElroy Dishes Her Secret To A Flawless Skin

When you hear of the name, Nikita McElroy, people who know of her will introduce her as someone who was discovered in Davao. If you google her, the first thing you may notice is her eye catching afro, or perhaps her smooth olive skin. It’s only normal, because her Filipino – Black American heritage makes this […]

By Keziah Bigornia | August 9, 2017

Balmain x L’Oreal Just Unveiled The Most Dramatic Lip Shades

Balmain and L’Oreal are set to drop the fanciest drugstore collection yet. Months after announcing their collaboration, all the shades have been finally revealed, and we can already tell that the #BalmainArmy will once again dominate our feeds. Only this time, the Parisian fashion house’s signature Khaki shade is worn on the lips. Just like we expected, […]

By Patricia Melliza | August 9, 2017