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Here’s Why All The Beauty Girls Are Fussing Over The iPhone X

After a year since iPhone 7 was released, the world finally got a glimpse of Apple’s latest drop called iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone 10), which will be available by November. In case you haven’t seen it, the iPhone X comes with a full screen with no home buttons. Instead, you can either swipe up […]

By Patricia Melliza | September 14, 2017

The Only Makeup Trend At NYFW You Should Know About

Beauty-wise, it seems like these past few runways have been fully embracing the idea of imperfectness, shattering the idea of perfected red lips and precisely placed blushes (think ultra-flushed cheeks). And for the latest trend? We’re now welcoming “rounded winged liners” to our routine because let’s face it–it’s not easy to perfect a cat-eye on […]

By Patricia Melliza | September 12, 2017

1-Minute Beauty Hack: Colored Eye Shadow With Alessandra De Rossi

As far as the eye can see, Alessandra De Rossi is ruling as the indie box office queen for her hit independent film Kita Kita. The actress whose piercing eyes and effortless allure have always won hearts in the small screen graces cinemas has a handicapped Filipina (and nails the role too!). Watch her at her most […]

By Louise Sicat | September 5, 2017

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Think You’ve Got a Proportionate Face? There’s Now A Beauty Competition For That

What do you consider a beautiful face to be? For some, it’s all about the color of the skin, or the shape of one’s eyes. The people behind Merz Aesthetics believe that our brains have been hardwired to base what we find beautiful through the harmony and proportion coming from a mathematical value called the […]

By Marella Ricketts | September 4, 2017

Rihanna’s Makeup Line Will Soon Be Available In Manila!

These past few months, everyone had been buzzing about Rihanna’s much-anticipated makeup line, Fenty Beauty. The singer has signed a deal with the Kendo division of LVMH, the same producer of Kat Von D and Marc Jacobs Beauty. Since then, she has been posting teasers on the brand’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. Rih even wears the […]

By Steffi Solano | September 4, 2017

Double Cleansing? It’s The Best New Way To Wash Your Face

If ever you find yourself waking up to raccoon eyes after a night of festivity, it only means one obvious thing: you didn’t cleanse your face well. As hard as we try to keep our faces squeaky-clean, sometimes our skincare routine needs a boost to perform better. But before you go and wash your face […]

By Patricia Melliza | August 31, 2017