BENCH/ Brings Together Today’s Hottest Stars for Its Spring 2016 Campaign

Every Summer Has a Story Some people tell their story through photos–skim through their social media posts and find a plethora of drool-worthy snaps of picturesque destinations. Others tell theirs through music, blasting one jam after another, claiming their new playlist is the new soundtrack of their lives. And then there are those whose summer stories are told through their choices of clothing–the surfing, swimming, salt-in-the-air, sand-in-my-hair types who live for the late nights and early mornings spent by the shore. They are precisely what the BENCH/ summer 2016 collection is all about. This season, BENCH/ is all about the breathable basics. Whether you’re out to hit the beach, off to learn a new sport or ready for a spontaneous road trip, you’re sure to find a piece of yourself in the summer 2016 collection. From t-shirts to trousers, jackets to joggers and cargo pants to cardigans, BENCH/ makes sure the modern teen and twenty-something men and woman are ready to embark on their next sunny day adventure.  
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