CHARLES & KEITH Explores Talent and Style

CKI16_PHI_DigitalCampaign_MegaStyle-FAIn celebration of true individuality, CHARLES & KEITH explores new territories in their latest campaign #IAMWHOIAM, which puts the spotlight on talent and style. This movement features profiles of dynamic and passionate artists who excel in their craft namely Music, Fashion, Motion, and so much more. #IAMWHOIAM highlights the distinct styles of Kiana Valenciano, Mari Jasmine, and Mika Reyes who draw inspiration in the field that they love and translate it to their own fashion sense. Zooming in on Kiana Valenciano, an embodiment of Music with her many influences, she sets herself apart with her free bohemian spirit and also her experimental fashion sense. When Tokyo and Aussie cultures meet, a Fashion icon is born and her name is Mari Jasmine. Known as an established model and TV host, Mari carries herself in relaxed silhouettes that embody elegance and sophistication. ck-mari Style in Motion mirrors the groove of volleyball star Mika Reyes who brings together her fashion sense along with her athletic persona. For more on the #IAMWHOIAM movement, check out this month’s cover of and join the global initiative with CHARLES & KEITH.     Photos from Kiana Valenciano’s (@kianavee), Mari Jasmine’s (@mari_jasmn), and Mika Reyes’ (@reyesmikaaa) Instagram accounts.

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