Could This Be The Reason Why More Actors are Taking a ‘Break’ from Showbiz?

Combine a ridiculously good-looking protagonist (with makeup always on point, no matter the situation), a love team partner, and a predictable plot where the good-hearted trump the evil—and what do you get? A blockbuster hit (in our local cinemas, at least).

This is a formula many production houses continue to follow. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with giving the majority of Filipinos what they want (running a production company is a business, after all), some actors have been in the spotlight for choosing otherwise. Most recently, it has been reported that John Lloyd Cruz is taking an “indefinite leave of absence” to attend to personal matters, leaving many of his fans in shock.

Before that, there was Andi Eigenmann, who defended her decision not to take a photo with a seemingly rude fan. In a reply to a comment on one of her Instagram posts, she shares, “If I wanted the life I had in the past, I wouldn’t have left showbiz. So go figure. But me wanting to be a full time mom, and to live my life so far away from the spotlight, doesn’t also result to your accusations being anywhere true.” 

The actress adds, “Fame is not the solution. And it pains me to that there are people like you who think that this is something I should even be sad about.”

There is no doubt that these two have a passion for storytelling. In the past, both have appeared in powerful films that have showcased their immense talent as actors. Perhaps, they are more interested in the art in artista. It seems as if the problem here centers on the pressure that stardom can bring, one of them being the unrealistic expectations people might have because of one’s superstar status.

This particular nature of showbiz is something that I have observed ever since I was a child. Growing up with parents in the industry has always led others to tell me, Mag-artista ka nalang! (Just enter show business!), as if it were the only option out there for me. There were times it overwhelmed me as a child—I mean, didn’t any of my other interests and passions matter? Thankfully, my parents encouraged me to explore different fields of interests as well. While I eventually didn’t mind the occasional guesting or commercial in the past, having showbiz as my main career was—and still is—the farthest thing from my mind.

While I am only speaking from the point of view of a celebrity offspring, how I felt as a child may potentially hint towards the decisions of Cruz and Eigenmann, who are considered as some of the biggest celebrities to this day. We don’t always realize that people—ourselves included—tend to overreact from the decisions or statements by local celebrities. It is as if we own them.

If there is one thing to remember, it would be this: they’re only human.

Featured image: Instagram/@andieigengirl @johnlloydcruztm

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