Cover Up! The 5 Body Parts You Forget to Put Sunscreen On

You’re by the beach–the sun is smiling at you, the sea-salt-heavy air blowing in your face. You’re in your cutest bikini, you’ve got your straw hat on, you lay your towel on the white sand, and you slather on your goopy SPF. But aren’t you forgetting something?

Yep, that’s right–you’re forgetting to put sunscreen on the most important areas. Because nobody likes sunburns and skin diseases, here are the 5 body parts you should never neglect:

1. Eyelids

The thinnest, most sensitive, most wrinkle-prone area of your skin.

2. Lips

Your puckers are the most cancer-prone area.

3. Tops of feet

Those slipper strap marks are a good sign.

4. Back of hands

Who wants wrinkly hands?

5. Scalp

Yep, scalp sunscreen is a thing. Spray some on the exposed parts to avoid scalp problems.

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