Crazy For The Glitter Mask? Here’s One Thing You Need To Know Before Trying It!

In today’s beauty world where illuminators and anything unicorn-related reign supreme, it’s easy to fall in love with the latest skincare trend: glitter face masks. Just recently, Too Faced‘s co-founder dropped a sneak peek of their upcoming masks that literally glow, as it’s filled with a chock full of glitter.  
It wasn’t too soon until other makeup brands picked up the magical trend. Skincare label Glamglow took to Instagram to announce their new peel-off masks, which are also packed with star-shaped glitter in a charcoal base. Unlike Too Faced‘s ultra-shimmering masks, it comes with bits of glitter that come in different sizes.

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But while it’s the prettiest skincare trend we’ve seen as of late, the idea of slathering glitter on your skin can be slightly alarming. Although both glitter masks come in a peel-off form–which Glamglow assures that it doesn’t leave any mess behind–glitter can be abrasive. “I’m also concerned about glitter applied around the eyes, since certain-sized glitter particles can actually scratch the cornea”, shares dermatologist Ted Lain, MD, with Refinery 29. However, just like how it goes for all skincare products, it depends on your skin type. Before taking the glitter mask plunge, it’s best to try it out on your skin first, and see if there’s any negative reaction. If there’s none, you’re in luck–you can freely reap all the benefits of a glowing mask!

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