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EXCLUSIVE: The Sound of Music’s Carmen Pretorius On Playing The Iconic Role

Words by Niko  De Leon “The hills are alive with the sound of music!”. Who doesn’t jump for joy upon hearing those iconic lyrics? The Sound of Music has always been one of our favorite things, and as this beloved and timeless musical classic rolls into town, MEGAstyle got an exclusive chat with South African native […]

By Patricia Melliza | October 15, 2017

This Filipina Model Proves That Size Doesn’t Matter At NYFW

Slowly but surely, fashion continues to celebrate all kinds of shapes and sizes, and the runway is beginning to look a lot more diversed than ever. Apart from seeing supermodels Ashley Graham and Irina Shayk, there’s another plus-size newcomer who’s breaking the norm: meet Filipino model Kat Gumabao.    Dress like you’re already famous✨ Putting […]

By Patricia Melliza | October 13, 2017

Cole Sprouse Has Bad News About Riverdale’s Favorite Couple

After what felt like forever to fans, Riverdale finally returned for a second season on Netflix. The first episode of Season 2, entitled “A Kiss Before Dying,” picks up exactly where it left off—Archie (played by KJ Apa) and the gang finding out whether his father Fred (Luke Perry) will survive a gunshot wound from an […]

By Marella Ricketts | October 13, 2017

The Other Side Of Dove’s Latest Controversial Ad

Just recently, Dove was accused of posting a ‘racially insensitive’ Facebook ad, which featured a dark woman lifting up her shirt to reveal a white woman underneath it. This scene–which was meant to celebrate diversity–is only one part of the ad. Many netizens took offense to this advertisement, however, with a few even threatening not to […]

By Patricia Melliza | October 12, 2017

The Real Meaning Behind All Those ‘Semicolons’ On Instagram

You might have already seen people posting photos of a semicolon on social media–whether it be a simple image of it or a tattoo on a person’s wrist (à la Selena Gomez). Instead of being a mere punctuation mark, however, there is actually a much deeper meaning behind it. Project Semicolon is a non-profit movement […]

By Marella Ricketts | October 11, 2017

Could This Be The Reason Why More Actors are Taking a ‘Break’ from Showbiz?

Combine a ridiculously good-looking protagonist (with makeup always on point, no matter the situation), a love team partner, and a predictable plot where the good-hearted trump the evil—and what do you get? A blockbuster hit (in our local cinemas, at least). This is a formula many production houses continue to follow. While there is nothing necessarily […]

By Marella Ricketts | October 11, 2017