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Nobody knows—and appreciates—swimwear quite like the girl who lives for the beach. And in a country like the Philippines that boasts of 7,107 gorgeous islands, you can trust that swim essentials eventually turn into life essentials. Here, it’s summer all year long and skin will always be in; the search for the perfect swimsuit is well worth the hunt and the investment. Why not a beautiful lingerie set while we’re at it, too? Before the boom in the local swimwear and intimates design scene, there were early bloomers like L.A. Ferriols and Mia Crespo who set the pace for everyone else. SXY, the brainchild of the two fashion-forward (not to mention almost always gallivanting) individuals, has been on the radar since May 2015. Creating pieces that are chic all season, that fit and flatter and don’t break the bank, SXY is about turning the chic city dweller into an instant beach babe. With girls like L.A. and Mia who love the beach as much as they immerse themselves in fashion, you know you’re in good hands.   june designer of the month-megastyle-megastyleph-2  
How did you two meet?
L.A.: SXY began literally and creatively with Mia and I taking up courses in fashion styling and brand management at the Fashion Institute of Technology. This was in the summer of 2013!
And how did this glorious partnership happen?
Mia: Our weekly coffee rendezvous, late night dinners and shopping dates turned into exciting brainstorming sessions and pretty soon, the foundations of SXY were born. We officially started the brand April 2015 and launched online May 2015. june designer of the month-megastyle-megastyleph-3 june designer of the month-megastyle-megastyleph-4
Was there always a clear direction for the brand? Swimwear and lingerie?
L.A.: Between the both of us, Mia is the beach babe and I’m pretty much a lingerie lass so yes it was pretty clear from the get go how we wanted the brand to proceed. We wanted it to be a marriage of both aesthetics hence sophisticated femininity, clever cutting, and sultry designs.
How did you come up with the name SXY for the brand?
Mia: I think coming up with a brand name is the trickiest part in building a brand so this took awhile. SXY is in fact short for the word “sexy”. After throwing so many words and symbols around, that kind of just stuck and it was fun to keep saying it!
How much of yourselves are in your designs?
L.A.: Is it too much if we say a full 100%? I mean, we both feel that the brand and our designs are very reflective of us. We are very proud Pinays and SXY is all proudly made in the PH. We value high quality and service in all aspects and so we hope to be the go-to brand of smart, sartorially savvy women with an eye for quality fabrics and beautifully sculpted designs. june designer of the month-megastyle-megastyleph-5  
How does your creative collaboration as a tandem work out exactly?
Mia: So it all starts with a brainstorming session where we hash out the feeling or vibe that we want for the new collection – that includes colors, fabrics, textures and the like. We both come up with design ideas and zone in on a cohesive theme. Drawing inspiration from geometric structures, we are drawn to clean lines and silhouettes hoping to create a new point of reference in flattering, sexy and stylish wear.
Where do you plan on taking your brand next?
L.A.: So we are launching a very secret collaboration soon because we both feel that feeling sexy and being sexy is for everybody. It’s all about body positivity and embracing beauty in all forms and sizes. I can’t say more right now but will definitely let you in on the big news once its out!
What is your reaction to the plenty of other swimwear brands joining the game?
Mia: We’re all for healthy competition and if anything it just motivates us to do better and push ourselves more. We hope that one day every Filipina will be wearing an SXY design and for the brand to be synonymous to that brazen Filipino style.   Shop SXY online at shopsxy.com!