The Latest Denim Trend? Meet The Detachable Jeans

pants Jeans are constantly being reinvented lately, whether for the better, or for really strange ways. We’ve seen a lot of interesting (and weird) upgrades like Vetements’ bare butt jeans–which sounds exactly what it’s like–a zipper in the back is designed to highlight your bum. Topshop got the memo too and released their own take on the trend: denims with clear paneling at the knees called ‘Jindows’, followed by completely see through jeans (yes, you heard it right!). TS02P01LCLE_Zoom_M_2 If you think it couldn’t get any crazier than that, Paris-based label Y/Project is now offering a detachable cut-out front jeans, where you can remove the lower half, and you’re left with a pair of shorts. Given that we live in a bipolar, tropical weather, these double-duty trousers may come useful if you’re suddenly feeling too hot (these shorts are incredibly short). gallery-1495102698-opening-ceremony-detachable-jeans gallery-1495103294-detachable-cut-out-front-jeans-opening-ceremony To be fair, as odd as it may look, these wild jeans are fitting for anyone who clearly wants to make a bold statement. We can imagine Rihanna or Katy Perry stepping out in Topshop‘s clear paneling bottoms, and effortlessly pull it off. At the end of the day, these jeans are guaranteed to make people talking.

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