Dolce & Gabbana Can Now Make Your Kitchen Look Chic Too

DB_FEATURED_IMAGE Who says your kitchen can’t be high-fashion too? Dolce & Gabbana recently teamed up with Italian home appliance company SMEG, unveiling a chic line of kitchen appliances that make us want to start cooking! The Sicily Is My Love collection features blenders, kettles, slow juicers and even coffee machines for your morning pick-me-ups. Paying homage to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s hometown of Southern Italy, these stylish appliances are all wrapped in bright, perky ornaments, decorative leaves, floral prints, bright red cherries, lemons, and pears. It reminds us of a bright, hot summer day in Italy, and D&G’s signature aesthetic. Whether functional or purely for display, we’d love to get these stylish, Instagram-worthy tools for our kitchen! 79__DAN_8212-resize Ready for a much cuter kitchen? Scroll through to see the entire collection! 1492608704-syn-hbz-1492518464-blender-1-1440x1440 1492608714-syn-hbz-1492518663-planetaria-1-1440x1440 1492608712-syn-hbz-1492518756-tostapane-1-1440x1440 1492608708-syn-hbz-1492518556-centrifuga-1-1440x1440 1492608706-syn-hbz-1492518524-bollitore-1-1440x1440 1492608709-syn-hbz-1492518707-spremiagrumi-1-1440x1440   In-article images: Dolce & Gabbana

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