Don’t Fall Into the Fake Kylie Lip Kit Trap

kylielip_featured_image As one of the most followed people in the world and the youngest of the Kardashian brood, Kylie Jenner–or King Kylie, as she fondly calls herself–is a money-making monster. Her Lip Kits have been selling like crazy since its release last November, and even more so because she releases them intermittently. This limitedness led a lot of people to resell online at higher prices. This is all well and good, but it also led to a lot of people trying to sell fakes. This influx of counterfeits alerted even Kylie herself. To avoid this trap, the obvious route is to buy only from Kylie’s official site whenever she restocks. But if you really have to get your hands on the lip kits ASAP, make sure to buy from trusted resellers. Watch the video below and read through our guidelines to avoid being scammed–because nothing feels worse than being played for a fool. 1. The bottle top of the fake ones are white, while the originals have the name of the shade and the color of the product. 2. The font is skinnier on the fake Candy Ks, Literallys, King Ks and so forth 3. The fake ones have a white tube. Authentic tubes are entirely clear. 4. A fake Lip Kit cost only around $1- $4, which is laughable against the $29 real ones. Buying from authentic lip kit resellers will cost even more. 5. The box of an authentic Lip Kit has its item’s shade on the top and sides of the box, with the name of the shade written on top. 6. While some boxes are really trying to copy the original square boxes, the slim boxes of fake ones are a dead giveaway. 7. All authentic MATTE Kylie lip kits are packaged in a rectangular box and comes with a lip liner. Only the METALLIC MATTES and GLOSSES are packaged in slim boxes WITHOUT a lip liner. 8. Never buy anything that says “Singapore Authentic.” All Lip Kits are made in Los Angeles, as it says on the label.

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