Double Cleansing? It’s The Best New Way To Wash Your Face

If ever you find yourself waking up to raccoon eyes after a night of festivity, it only means one obvious thing: you didn’t cleanse your face well. As hard as we try to keep our faces squeaky-clean, sometimes our skincare routine needs a boost to perform better. But before you go and wash your face twice, this isn’t what we mean by “double-cleansing”.

Celebrities like Lucy Hale have been adding one step to their routine: applying an oil-based cleanser. Compared to using toners and micellar waters where you end up scrubbing off makeup, an oil-based cleanser naturally lifts and dissolves makeup and sweat with minimum effort.

“It seems counterintuitive to cleanse your oily skin with oil, however, it is actually one of the best ways to remove the excess makeup, sebum, and buildup on your face without stripping your skin!”, shares celebrity dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bow with E! News.

So how do you double-cleanse exactly?

1. Apply the oil cleanser on top of your makeup. Let it sit in for a few minutes, and massage it into the skin for 30-60 seconds to lift dirt and buildup.

biore cleansing oil

Cleansing Oil, PHP 320, Biore 

2. Use a foaming cleanser to further clear pores from residual oil and grime.

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water, PHP 499

As no trace of makeup clogs the skin, this evening double-cleanse will allow serums, moisturizers and other leave-in products to work their magic much more.

  In-article image: Into The Gloss

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