Embrace The Rocker Chic Style With This Wardrobe Staple

Grunge has always been a time-honored classic in fashion. The rocker chic style is still a tremendous staple in the modern fashion industry, with brands like Saint Laurent constantly revamping what it means to dress in the stylings of grunge and biker fashion. And in whatever time period, there is one edgy item that proves to be timeless. From rock and roll stars, movie icons, to trendy sartorialists, the biker jacket has always been synonymous with the cool fashion crowd and it proved to be a mainstay in every contemporary wardrobe. The best part is that there are plenty of ways to style this sleek piece–drape it over your shoulders for a swanky fashion editor-approved look, or even customize the jacket to your liking with studs, hand-painting, and embroidery to really amp it up. With so many approaches to styling, it’s evident that the biker jacket is a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe, so we’ve culled in 5 of the snazziest ones to snag:
  1. Studded Biker Jacket, Topshop
Topshop Stay true to the rock-chic aesthetic with studs that will embellish your biker look.
  1. Merlyn Mid Grey Biker Jacket, Acne Studios
Acne Studios Who else should you trust with leather looks and the biker style other than Acne Studios? This leather-constructed piece comes in tan and grey colorways rather than just your typical black, making it a stand out from the crowd.
  1. Biker Jacket with Fur Collar, Zara
Zara Hit two birds with one stone and sport both the fur and the leather trends of the season. This long jacket features a fur lapel collar with a silver buckle and the same fluffy detailing on the cuffs.
  1. Short Oversized Leather Biker, Balenciaga
Balenciaga This cropped biker sports a modern strewn back, almost like an off-shoulder, which has become so popular this season. It’s a new way to give the 90s bad girl vibe a twist. Sandy from the film Grease would surely approve of this.
  1. Red Faux Leather Jacket, Bershka
Bershka This short jacket will make anyone stand out with its vivid red hue. Pair it your favorite white tee and blue jeans for a semi-menswear, James-Dean-sort-of-look.

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