Estée Lauder’s NEW Nutritious Rosy PrismTM Collection

Finally, a ritual that addresses the specific skin woes of Asian women

by Sarah Santiago

Estee Lauder Nutritous Gel Emulsion

Skin woes vary according to culture and geographical location. If other women from other parts of the world worry about age spots and dryness, we worry about dullness and sallowness of skin. Estée Lauder’s scientists consulted hundreds of Asian women to find out what makes up their skincare dreams and found that sallowness or an unhealthy yellow skin tone is a major concern. We’re not talking about a natural golden tinge, but the yellowing caused by having excess chromophores, like melanin, which absorb the clear radiance of blue light and thus leave skin with a yellow impression. Other biological causes include lack of dermal fiber or collagen structure, which causes a reduced light reflection from within skin and results in sallow skin, and environmental stressors.

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Estée Lauder’s team of experts have found a way to visibly reduce and help prevent yellowing and reveal skin’s natural rosiness. Introducing the world’s first high performance ritual exclusively designed for Asian skin, the NEW Nutritious Rosy PrismTM Collection. Powered by the NEW Rosy PrismTM Technology, the hydrating line features three key ingredients: NEW Pink Peony Extract, anti-oxidant rich Pomegranate Nectar Infusion and super berries that penetrate deep into skin and target the yellowing effects of the environment and pollution. The result is a translucent healthy glow from within.



Dubbed as the Queen of Flowers in China, peonies have long symbolized prosperity, happiness and peace, and have been used as a metaphor for female beauty. Its roots, bark, seeds and flowers are believed to have medicinal benefits.



Found in sunny, semi-tropical climates, pomegranate and its uniquely red and glossy seeds are loaded with two of the most potent anti-oxidants, polyphenons and anthrocyanins.

Super Berries

The cranberry, blueberry and wolfberry are all also packed with nutrients that help neutralize free radicals damage skin cells. Cranberry and blueberry are rich in Vitamin C and fiber, while Chinese herb wolfberry enhances the absorption of nutrients in the system.

One can just imagine the benefits when these powerful ingredients are combined. Estée Lauder reveals the three ways in which the NEW Nutritious Rosy PrismTM ritual revives skin: 1. Reduces the look of yellow skin tone, 2. Neutralizes and helps minimize damage caused by environmental aggressors and 3. Infuses skin with moisture, energy and vita-minerals so it blooms with a natural rosy radiance. Use the Rosy PrismTM Radiant Essence together with Rosy PrismTM Radiant Gel Emulsion and Rosy PrismTM Radiant CC Crème SPF 20/PA+ to achieve maximum and faster results.

Rosy PrismTM Radiant Essence (P4,500)

A lightweight essence that delivers the NEW Rosy PrismTM Technology as well as extra correcting ingredients to help dissolve yellowing caused by environmental factors.

Rosy PrismTM Radiant Gel Emulsion (P3,750)

Infuses skin with nutrient-rich hydration that plumps skin’s surface while strengthening its moisture barrier. The result is a smooth, healthy radiance.

Rosy PrismTM Radiant CC Creme SPF 20/PA+

This all-in-one CC Creme perfects skin’s appearance instantly and creates a rosy tone. It’s easily buildable and the ultra-sheer finish gives a natural look while minimizing the appearance of imperfections and neutralizes yellow, sallow skin tones.

The NEW Nutritious Rosy PrismTM products are available at Estée Lauder Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-la, Plaza Mall, Alabang Town Center and Gateway Mall, Essenses Rockwell, and SM Mall of Asia.

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