Everything You Need To Know About The MEGA Millennial Ball

sd The MEGA Millennial Ball is set on Monday, June 12, and as we wait to see what all the stylish attendees will be wearing on the red carpet, it’s worth knowing what we can expect from this year’s ball. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming fashion night:
1.) What is the MEGA Ball all about?

The Pinoy Pride Ball is a yearly, prestigious invite-only event hosted by MEGA magazine in order to honor Filipinos who are excelling in different fields. It’s where the most influential Filipinos get together for one cause of celebration–pride.

2.) What is this year’s theme?

Every year, the MEGA ball’s theme is interlaced with the Pinoy Pride. Although this 2017, the MEGA team decided to make the event more different by changing the list of invites–they focused more on tapping the most relevant millennials. Expect celebrity guests like James Reid, Lauren Reid, Nadine Lustre, Bret Jackson and many more on the red carpet.

3.) What’s the fashion motif?

All the guests are required to attend in their best version of the modern Filipina look. With all the possible reiterations of the classic ensemble, we’re excited to see what the millennials will wear on the red carpet.


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