EXCLUSIVE: Gigi Hadid Talks About Her Collaboration With Tommy Hilfiger

Anne Curtis, beach body, beach, body goals
Anne Curtis, beach body, beach, body goals

Going on their second collaboration, Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger continue to come up with exciting pieces to live in. Inspired by the model’s relaxed Californian lifestyle and the brand’s signature heritage, the collection brings in quirky badges, patches, rugby stripes, denim and relax silhouettes. All of these celebrate California’s sunny, calm and carefree ambiance.

Of course, these looks will not be complete without the signature Tommy red, white and blue colors. With the brand’s “Classic American Cool” look and Gigi’s modern style, they’re the perfect partners to make a fashion statement.

Here, the It model gives us a peek into her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, and dishes her style secrets.

What does your second collection with Tommy Hilfiger mean to you?

I was really excited to design a spring collection and celebrate my California upbringing and easy-going style. I’m so honored that Tommy wanted a second collection from me!

What is your favorite piece? 

I love the boyfriend jeans.

Was your design process different the second time around? 

I think getting closer and closer to the design team with each meeting has made for a really fun and free-spirited creative environment. I learned the most about time management after my second collection because I could then compare to what I did differently to the first season.

Who do you envision wearing this collection? 

I think anyone can wear it and mix it with different classic/vintage pieces to get a fun, cool, easy summer look. 

What do you love about the Tommy Hilfiger brand? 

Tommy is interested and inspired by so many things and I think that is shown through the clothing in an all-American way. Classic and relatable.

How did you work on the collection and design inspiration? 

I guess my first inspiration was the energy of a California summer, for the color palette especially. Then I did pieces that would fit into my spring and summer days. I wanted them to be easy to style on the go.

What has been your favorite experience from working with Tommy so far? 

The Tommy X Gigi Tour. The fan support, and the places I got to see and experience, took my breath away everyday, and I love the Tommy team that I got to travel and adventure with!

What is the best style advice you’ve ever received? 

Carine Roitfeld once told me, if you don’t know what to wear to a party, wear jeans, a t-shirt, and heels. Works every time.

Would you describe yourself as a girly girl, or more of a tomboy? 

I’d say I’m right in the middle of both.

We know about your love for burgers. What other food do you love? 


Which places are on your travel bucket list?  

New Zealand, Thailand, India.

Any makeup tips for a night out?

Less is more.

Special thanks to Rustans and SSI Life for the exclusive interview. 

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