Experiencing Writer’s Block? Three Authors Give Their Best Tips

We’ve all been there—the moment when a blank page causes more dread than inspiration. If you’re someone who has to constantly write—whether for school, work, or for fun–then writer’s block is inevitable from time to time.

There are many different techniques to attempt to overcome this obstacle, but it differs from person to person. In a recent article on Man Repeller, female authors shared their best writing tips:

1. Take advantage of quiet moments


When asked what she is most specific about when doing creative work, Sweetbitter author Stephanie Danler shares that silence is essential. “I spend so much time on my phone, on the internet, listening to music, talking. The talking, the articulating, the narrativizing, is exhausting. I believe the flip side of that is thoughtlessness – not in a selfish way, but literally, to be without thoughts… It’s about letting sensations wash over you without trying to capture or categorize them,” she shares.

2. Don’t overthink things


Julie Houts, author and illustrator of Literally Me, shares a fear many of us may struggle with: “I struggled a lot before with just accepting that the work I was making was worth anything. It was a mental block. Even though I was getting a lot of positive reinforcement from both the outside world and those closest to me, I just really believed that what I was doing wasn’t very good, and pretty embarrassing. Looking back, it was extremely unproductive.”

3. Create the right atmosphere


“Over the past year, I’ve worked steadily to make my desk a calm and inviting place for me to write. I have candles, a lamp with just the right amount of light for late-night sessions, some of my favorite books and my grandmother’s jewelry box. Sitting there makes me feel joyful, but also puts me in a state of Ready-To-Work,” shares Ashley C. Ford, Senior Features Writer at Refinery 29.

So the next time you feel that you aren’t being very productive, take a deep breath and consider taking these pieces of advice.

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