Temporary Eye And Lip Tattoos Are The Latest Instagram Trend

lips Let’s face it, stepping up your beauty game requires a dose of creativity. Recently, makeup artists have been bringing back our childhood favorite: Temporary tattoos. The latest Instagram trend involves incorporating graphic details (think roses, diamonds, and lips) to your look without having to draw these images, and it creates the perfect lip art and a bold eye makeup look.
The only thing you need to transfer the tattoo is a matte lipstick since it needs an oil-free base to stick to. Many beauty gurus top off the look with clear gloss after placing the tattoo, which gives it a polished touch.
In case you’re aching to try one, these makeup artists got their tattoos from the online store Violent Lips! Would you dare try this beauty trend? In-Article Images: Giselle_Makeup | Noirojos | beasweetbeauty

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