Facials are Fun: Guinot comes to Manila

GUINOT_FEATURED_IMAGEFacials usually involve peeling off or exfoliating the skin–diamond peels, chemical baths. What got us curious is this new ionisation process that Guinot is introducing to Manila. What is ionisation and what can it do for our face? It sounded gimmicky, but we gave it a go. Guinot is a skincare brand that has long been established in France, and their new HydraDermie treatment has been in Cebu for a couple of years now. The facial involves applying specialised toners and creams, then using an ionisation machine and a high frequency machine, capped off by a relaxing facial massage.
David’s Salon.
It’s exclusively available in David’s Salon, whose super-friendly and hands-on staff we loved. You come in, get settled in the chair, and get a quick introduction to the process before the staff begins working on your skin. Here’s a step by step breakdown:

Milk cleansing: Removes makeup and dirt.

Toner: Prepares the face for scrubbing.

Exfoliating scrub: Removes dead skin cells.

Toner: Removes the scrub.

Moisturiser and anti wrinkle eye cream: Hydrates your skin. This is left on for the ionisation machine.

Double ionisation machine: Opens up your pores.

viber image2
The electric current stings sometimes.

Oxygenating face emulsion: This cream is left on for the high frequency machine.

High frequency machine: Closes the pores

viber image

Toner: Cleans up the creams.

Serum for neck and eye: Plumps up your skin.

Massage: Super relaxing. Encourages blood to the face.

Face and eye mask: You can choose any from their line–we chose the one for dehydrated skin.

The entire process would take about an hour. You’ll leave the chair feeling lighter and more relaxed. Your skin will feel noticeably softer to the touch, and the increased blood flow brings a healthy glow. If you came in looking old and dead, you’ll come out looking supple and refreshed. Our verdict: This could be the perfect end-of-the-week treat for your roughed up, hardworking skin.

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