3 Fashion Films on Our Radar

With subjects ranging from high-profile designers to transgender men on the hunt for impeccably fitting suits, we’re claiming it–these upcoming fashion films are worth the anticipation
by Cessi Treñas, Art by Alexandra Lara
Just as much as we resonate with the fashion girl title, we at MEGAstyle like to call ourselves pop culture enthusiasts. Put together our natural inclination towards style and our soft spot for movies and all things current, and we’ve got ourselves an undeniable love for fashion films. While subscribing to the crossover of the sartorial and cinematographic worlds entails having copious amounts of patience, we’ve got good news: the film scene is delivering us three movies worth waiting for. Even better news? We’ve rounded them up for you.
Every designer has a story to tell, and fashion’s dark horse Alexander McQueen has one of the grimmest. A biopic dedicated to the creator of the terrifying armadillo shoe is in the works, and no less than Oscar-nominated Andrew Haigh is taking the project under his directorial wing. With a subject as idiosyncratic as the nihilistic McQueen, we have high hopes that this picture won’t fill the the glamorized behind-the-scenes trope that fashion films are typically filed under.
No less superior than our previous mention, another promising biopic–this time about shoe designer Manolo Blahnik–has begun to stir excitement among fashion buffs. The hype comes with good reason: Blahnik is a living legend and Carrie Bradshaw’s ultimate sole mate, and the film is set to be directed by the multifaceted Michael Roberts, who happens to have co-written Grace Coddington‘s memoir. To ease the wait, watch a short preview of the film on the designer’s official website.
There is so much more to gender identity than the fashion buzzword status it has achieved. Producer Lena Dunham helps bring a custom-fit fashion angle to the matter with her HBO documentary entitled Suited, set to premiere on the channel in July 2016. The film, which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival last month, is anchored in Bindle & Keep, a tailoring shop that tailors suits for LGBTQ clientele. One such client is Lena Dunham’s younger sister Grace, and while the older Dunham has shared some unnerving tidbits about their childhood relationship through her essay collection Not That Kind of Girl, our case remains: say bespoke clothing and we’re in.

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