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Express Your Love This Valentine’s Day With Tiffany

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for a lot of us busy bees, we might not have the time to plan something elaborate or think of complex gifts for our loved ones. But luckily, Tiffany has got us covered with gorgeous, sparkly gifts so you can surprise that special someone with a precious […]

By Steffi Solano | February 12, 2018

Your Favorite 90s Hair Accessory Just Made An Unexpected Comeback

There’s plenty of classic trends making a comeback for the season; whether it’s micro sunglasses, chainmail dresses, or scrunchies, it’s safe to say that fashion is being taken over by nostalgia and for us 90s kids, we surely can’t complain. And while some of them are quite unorthodox and dare we say unwearable for most, […]

By Steffi Solano | February 12, 2018

Understated Beauty: 4 Makeup Products Every Low-Maintenance Girl Needs

For some, makeup can be therapeutic. Dedicating hours in the morning to paint your face is an enjoyable routine that lets you relax and experiment with your look. However, that’s not always the case for girls who either has a tight schedule or who aren’t really into makeup. Luckily, there’s an array of products on […]

By Steffi Solano | February 9, 2018

Looking To Create A Brighter Instagram Feed? These Photographers Will Inspire You To

When it comes to aesthetics, pastels is definitely reigning supreme for the season and it’s a sight to see artists show off their own unique take on the trend. If you’re thinking about switching up your Instagram feed to a warmer, more striking theme, these conceptual photographers are sure to inspire you. Below, feast your eyes on these four […]

By Steffi Solano | February 9, 2018

Amp Up Your Shoe Game With This One Chic Accessory

Have you ever looked at shoe collection and thought to yourself, “I need an update”? While retail therapy and shopping trips in general could be thrilling for a lot of us fashion girls, it’s not always realistic to think that we could keep adding to our collection. And certainly for some, it’s not even about […]

By Steffi Solano | February 8, 2018

Don’t Know What To Wear? Here Are 4 Stylish Gals To Follow For OOTD Inspiration

With Instagram being the ultimate platform for marketing today, it seems like the rise of influencers has been constant. But among all the influential, stylish gals we regularly see fronting the sites of fashion magazines, there are also some seriously stylish ladies who deserve the spotlight. Related: 6 Metallic Heels That Will Perk Up Your Casual […]

By Steffi Solano | February 8, 2018