#FashionScenePH Winner: Kristine Caguiat, 26, Gallery Manager

It was on one extremely sunny Saturday that we spotted Kristine Caguiat in the Legazpi Market. We were already dying from dehydration when this little lady refreshed all our eye sights with her chic ensemble. We literally ran after her to make sure that she would be part of our #FashionScenePH galleries. If sunshine was a person, Kristine would probably be the product of that transformation. Her style of dressing is effortless and makes everything she wears look like she’s ready to be shot for a vintage shoot about Woodstock. If you want to get to know a little more about Kristine and her H&M experience, check out her Q&A below! hm winners-getthelook-kristine   When you were spotted at the Salcedo Market, what was going through your head while picking out your outfit that day? I was wearing jeans and a halter top. It was just so hot that day and the only reason why I went to the market was to get sugarcane juice. I didn’t really have anything in mind, honestly. It was more weather appropriate. It was too hot wear anything with sleeves. What is your shopping strategy for this experience? It’s about making a round of the store and pick the things I like then edit from there. It’ll be about the pieces that I can use the most is what I will prioritize. What is your personal style? I love anything in grey, black and white. Those are my go to things. My style depends on my mood. Sometimes I have nothing on my face except a bright lip. What is your favorite thing about shopping in H&M? I love the variety of clothes. H&M does not embody a certain sense of style and there is something there for everyone. What are your summer plans and how do you plan on dressing for it? I’m going on a cruise with my family for two weeks. The countries that we’re going to are transitioning from spring into summer. I know that it will be cold in some so I will definitely have to bring different pieces. I have to pack a little of everything like bikinis and formal wear. But, I will make sure to bring a lot of comfortable clothes. How was your overall #FashionScenePH experience? I was pretty shy at the start but it turned out into a cool experience.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ed Simon of Studio 100 MAKEUP: Apple Fara-on and Gia Lalu of MAC Cosmetics HAIR: David’s Salon NAILS: Triple Luck Brow and Nail Salon Special thanks to Brooklyn’s New York Pizza

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