6 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Bedroom


You spend on clothes. You spend on makeup. On food. On your car. On your significant other. There is no reason to scrimp on time, money, and attention when it comes to your bedroom. You live a third of your life in it (that’s 30 years, if our math is right), and it affects your well-being more than you’d like to think.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese metaphysical art of harmonizing the human soul to the environment. The term literally means “wind-water.” Architecture–and the physical earth in general–is seen in terms of “energy” that affects humanity. This energy called “qi,” which you’ve probably been hearing from yogis and wannabe spirituals.

Feng shui has been used throughout history as a guide for building temples, tombs, and homes in an auspicious manner. Wouldn’t you want ancient wisdom to guide your living space?

You might dismiss it as pseudoscience, but there’s no harm in a cleaner, brighter, more aesthetically-pleasing room.

1. Change your sheets

Choose white and other neutrals for a calming effect. Avoid yang colors like red and orange. Avoid blue too, because it represents water, and anything that symbolizes water is a big no-no in the bedroom (move that waterfall painting to the living room).

Most importantly, make it a habit to change your sheets at least twice a month. Bed bugs are so not auspicious.


2. Open windows, light incense

To let new qi flow in, open your windows every morning. Light incense or scented candles to cleanse the stagnant qi inside. This will clear your mind immensely. Play some relaxing music too, just for fun.


3. Move away “poison arrows”

Lie down on your bed. Now look at every piece of furniture from this vantage point. If any pointy table corners are directly “piercing” you, move them away. Poison arrows may affect your health and general balance.


4. Move your bed in a “power position”

Your bed is the single most important piece in your bedroom (hence the name). During sleep, your mind and body replenish old qi with qi. Do not place your bed directly facing the door or a mirror, because this will drain your qi. By the same principle, avoid having your bed directly under a window.


If at all possible, place your bed in your room’s “power position.” While lying down on your bed, you should be able to see the door and the entire room clearly and without obstruction. Do not place your headboard on the same wall as the door, because this will make you “insecure” of “surprises and intruders.”


5. Throw all clutter in a woven basket

If you have tiny stuff lying around in full view, gather them up and put them all in a basket made of natural material. Remove any clutter under your bed–the pent up energy beneath you will disrupt your sleep. You will instantly feel the head-clearing effect of decluttering. And besides, clutter is not chic.


6. Remove electronic equipment

If you have a TV in your room, or your laptop is often by your bed, take them out. The bedroom is a safe sanctuary–using it for any other purpose will disrupt your sleep. Train your mind to associate your bedroom with peace and serenity.


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