Filipino Fashion Designer Gets Featured In Vogue Italia

Fashion continues to evolve, and so does every designer who steps up to the game. Filipino fashion designer Ched Dalogaog, who’s behind the brand CHED studio, was recently featured in Vogue Italia–one of the world’s most recognized fashion titles. Embroidery artworks and textile mixing play a big role in his designs. His latest collection, called Special Brand Project SS 17, mixes delicate embroidery with rough and heavy denim. The contrast of the different textiles results in statement-making pieces. Here, Ched gives us a peek into his collection, and how he feels about being recognized internationally. 1. How does it feel to be recognized by one of the world’s biggest fashion titles?  It was amazing and crazy! Sara Maino, Senior Editor of VOGUE Italia, emailed us herself to get the story of the collection and the concept behind the project. After two months we were interviewed and profiled in! 2. Where was the Special Brand Project collection launched? It was presented at Manila Fashion Festival Fall 2016. 3. How long did it take for your team to create the entire collection? Were there any challenges along the way? We started with the development around July 2016. It was intended for our main contemporary line, CHED Studio, and then we got a word that we are going to present a capsule collection at MFF using denim as the main textile. So we decided to change direction and categorized it under our Special Brand Project. During conceptualization, we struggled with staying true to the rugged characteristics of denim, the streetwear sensibilities of it, while still having our artisanal take on the designs. We made all the artworks stronger on colors and edgier. 4. How long does it take to finish the embroidery of one jacket? It takes about 32-40 hours. All our embroidered garments start with 3 samples first before we cut it on the actual fabric. It takes even longer on multi-color artworks. Everything is hand-crafted.   In-article images: Not Just The Label | Vogue Italia

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