FIRST LOOK: We Found The Best Eyeliner Yet from Fenty Beauty

As we’re getting closer to December, glitter is yet to take over every holiday collection there is, but leave it to bad gal Rihanna to always put a twist to the expected. 

Glitters are too pretty to look at (just marvel on the glitter masks trend), but not everyone is a fan of having flecks of sparkle on their faces, especially for the low-key ladies. Luckily, Fenty Beauty hears them (including us) out. Among the shimmering palettes and holographic lip products in the upcoming Galaxy collection, the line features an Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliners. At first, it seems like a regular metallic formula, but once smudged via fingers or a brush, it reveals a subtle glitter that will take your feline flick to the next level. 


You here for this? The Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner drops #FridayThe13th. #GALAXYCOLLECTION.

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Over on makeup artist Priscilla Ono’s Instagram (where you can find several sneak peeks of Fenty Beauty), the sparkling liner was tried on a model and it looked thrillingly glamorous. In fact, you can keep everything else pared-down and let the statement flick do the talking.

One thing’s for sure: this Fenty Beauty liner is bound to boost every glam look for the upcoming festivities or clubbing nights ahead! The Galaxy collection drops on October 13 so you better get your wallets ready. 

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