Forever 21 Counter Sues Gucci

Forever 21 Unexpectedly Sues Gucci_featured_image Fast-fashion retailer Forever 21 recently filed a lawsuit against Gucci, after the Italian fashion house demanded them to discontinue all sales of chokers and bomber jackets which feature the alternating bands of blue-red-blue stripes. The American brand fired back, and seeks protection for the use of the popular parallel stripes–denying any claim of infringement. Forever 21 Unexpectedly Sues Gucci7Forever 21 Unexpectedly Sues Gucci8 Apart from Gucci’s monogram, the green and red stripes emerged as their signature style for decades, and it has been taking over the street style scene a lot lately, especially with today’s Gucci hype. Many of the Italian fashion house’s items are adorned with the iconic stripes–from bags, bomber jackets, to sneakers–and it’s almost too impossible to miss it. Forever 21 Unexpectedly Sues Gucci0

Gucci Cruise 2018

Forever 21 Unexpectedly Sues Gucci9


On the other hand, Forever 21 notes that countless of other brands have been making use of the multi-colored pattern, and that Gucci, alone, shouldn’t have the only right to do so. The fast-fashion retailer has also been accused of infringing on designs by brands in the past months like Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma slides. Likewise, Gucci also faced issues in the past of allegedly copying designs by independent artists, which was eventually settled.

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While we have yet to see how this feud unravels, who do you think should claim the right for the popular striped pattern? Forever 21 Unexpectedly Sues Gucci1

Gucci’s Signature Stripe Band

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