Forget Microblading: 3 Brow-Filling Alternatives To Keep Those Arches On Point

  Ever since the microblading trend took the beauty world by storm, it has been possible to wake up with on-fleek arches, sans the eyebrow products and thickening serums. But while many have fallen in love for microblading, there are still a few who are unsure about tattooing over their whole brow area. If you’re one of them, don’t fret. Here are 3 other brow-filling alternatives you can turn to!

1. Microfeathering

Meet the minimalist take on microblading. Unlike the previous trend where it involves filling in your entire arch, microfeathering is for those who naturally have full brows (we’re looking at you Cara Delevingne). Anyone who will take the plunge will have to avoid all kinds of hair removal for six to eight weeks. Mimicking feathered-like brows, the artist will then fill in gaps or sparsed areas, resulting in a natural-looking, lush brows. Consider this as a no-makeup makeup version of microblading.  

2. Peel Off Brow Tint

For a semi-permanent tattoo that you won’t regret for years, try a peel off brow tint. This can help you wake up with tinted brows too, sans the commitment, as the color only lasts for days.

Brow Tattoo Gel Tint, Maybelline


3. Liquid Brow Pencil

But if you’re not up for a semi-permanent tattoo anytime soon, turn to a long-lasting liquid brow pen to keep those arches on point. Unlike powder and gel formulas, liquid brow products help mimic natural-looking strokes (even makeup artists swear by this).

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Liner, PHP 895, Zalora

  Art By: Deiniel Cuvin In-article image: Raymond Santiago

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