Frames With James: Explore Greece with the September MEGA Man

Ever wondered what it would be like to walk through the white cobblestone streets of Santorini with the man of your dreams? Well dream no more as we give you a glimpse of how traveling is like with James Reid hooked on your arms. Discovering the allure of Greek culture from the pillars of the Parthenon to the cozy villages of Santorini is partnered best with an easily lovable hunk and a reliable camera to capture each moment. What are we talking about? The FUJIFILM X Series of course!

Subtle Santorini

Fall in love with the quaint villages of Santorini from the iconic white-walled architecture to the friendly locals eager to greet travellers. Snapping the vibrant colors and personalities of Greece couldn’t be more effortless with the FUJIFILM X-A3‘s advanced mirrorless technology.

Ambient Athens

Dial back into Roman history through frames of the Parthenon and the ruins of the Acropolis. Shots of the cultural sites are definitely given justice with the SR+ (Scene Recognition) feature that produces exceptional image quality. Believe us when we say that the ultimate travel companions are James and the FUJIFILM X Series Camera with its lightweight and compact camera body. Trust us when we say, Greece is the only beginning with the powerful lenses of the X Series and WiFi-ready transferring to boot! Just ask James Reid. Scroll down and witness the magic of Greece frame by frame. To know more about FUJIFILM visit their Facebook pages below:

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