Fresh-Faced Beauty For Every Girl

Meet four fresh faces, each with a unique sense of style.
NOV 16, 2015 | by Nicole Rivera, Art by Alexandra Lara

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We live in stressful times—always rushing from place to place and whizzing through to-do lists like we’re running marathons. But in the midst of this busy world it’s still important to look polished. If we can’t take a break every now and then, we at least want to look like we do. A fresh face is clean and it’s a look every girl can pull off. It fits right into our busy lifestyles: that’s one less thing to think about when we’re rushing from place to place. Most importantly, a fresh face lets you present the best version of yourself and show your individuality. Meet our fresh face ambassadors—four different girls who’ve done just that. Bea, Jaz, Janeena and Arisse each wear their unique personal style while staying polished and put-together. Click on.   fresh faces - megastyle - megastyleph - opener - jaz

Jaz shares her current fashion obsession.

fresh faces - megastyle - megastyleph - opener - arisse

Arisse reveals her style icon and the story behind her blog.

fresh faces - megastyle - megastyleph - opener - bea

Get to know Bea, the “Zombie In Heels.”

fresh faces - megastyle - megastyleph - opener - janeena chan

Janeena explains her fashion and blogging style.

To learn more about the four Fresh Faces ambassadors, visit WATCH OUT FOR THESE STEPS TO FRESHNESS
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