MEGAstyle June 2015, Vol. II: Georcelle Dapat-Sy


Georcelle Dapat-Sy, or simply “Teacher Georcelle” to most people, is all about energy. Her photo shoot with G-Force had to be strategically sandwiched between their rounds of rehearsals and their tumultuous training. Yet, as midnight came, Teacher Georcelle sat in the dressing room chair ready to take on her interview after having posed—and even danced—on set for hours. “After all this is through, we all go home, rest for a bit, rise at 6 a.m. and HUMBHAM! We’ll be back at it again”, she says, laughing. There was not a single tired expression on her face that day. What she did have was a glimmer in her eye when she talked about dance, a warm smile when she passionately recounted her dreams as a dancer. For the few who aren’t familiar with G-Force, can you tell us a bit about how the dance group started? G-force today is a company comprised of dancers from different colleges and different universities. It’s made up of young dancers or what I’d like to call the new breed of dancers. We started in 2005 as an all-girl dance group and after a month, because of the demand in the business to feature male dancers, our family of dancers grew. For six months, we didn’t even have a name. We were called “Georcelle’s Dancers” and that’s how we were introduced at shows in the beginning. So how did you come up with the name G-Force? Trust me, I’m really no good at coming up with names and conceptualizing things like that, so I consulted Mr. M (film and television director Johnny Manahan), who told me, “The name has to have that Georcelle touch, flair and flavor. Call it G-Force.” And I’m very grateful for Mr. M. He was the one who inspired me to put up my own company. How has your G-Force family grown over the years? In 2013, I introduced the different subgroups of G-Force to our audience. And today, we have a total of 7 groups: The G-Force Angels, G-Force Unique, G-Force Stallions, G-Force Poppers, G-Force Femmes, G-Force Mega Minds and the newest subgroup, Demi-Force. The people in this company may have start out as dancers, but they all eventually progressed into becoming leaders—not just choreographers, but leaders. They are the brand. Over the years, we’ve developed teachers, choreographers and the best dancers in the country. I’m happy because these talented individuals chose to be a part of G-Force. What’s also so great about your company is that you invite the public to be a part of the experience. You also believe so much in the youth. What workshops can they be a part of? Every year, we hold the G-Force Project Summer workshop and the G-Force Sembreak Workshop, where we give people, especially the youth, an outlet for creative expression. Besides, in this day and age, anything can be learned. Dancing can definitely be learned—may you have no sense of rhythm or two left feet. And with the youth that’s exposed to YouTube and visual aids and visual guidance with the help of technology, it really has become so easy. Pinoy pa? We can easily adapt eh. Yun yung maganda sa atin. How do you stay inspired in order to come up with such amazing dance concepts and choreography? Now that we’re on our 10th year in the business, I find that my tasks have somewhat changed. Right now, I delegate and supervise. I do choreograph occasionally, but I dedicate most of my time today as the Artistic Director of G-Force. With choreography, it always starts with listening to the music. The music will initiate all the movements, the look, the rhythm, the mood of the dance. It’s best not to overthink it. You just have to listen and then find out for yourself where that will take you! What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a dancer? Well, I always tell G-Force to follow your heart. If you do that, everything will fall into place. Whenever I have these interviews and I have to give speeches, I always say, “Prove to your parents that dancing can in fact be a career.” Here in the Philippines we have this notion that only a handful of things can be considered a profession. It’s either you’re a lawyer, a doctor or you’re behind a desk. Don’t be discouraged by other people’s definition of what a dream is. All you really need to do is to follow your heart and take your craft seriously. If this is what you truly want to do with your life, the hustle won’t even feel like work and yes, everything else will fall into place. What is your proudest accomplishment to date? Making it to 10 wonderful years with this even more wonderful family. That is my biggest and proudest accomplishment. The cherry on top of the whole thing is that we are all genuinely happy together. What warms my heart even more is that we were able to build a very strong fan base in the process of just doing what we love. What can you say about having this huge following and fan base? I never thought in my wildest dreams that this would happen to us. I mean, we’re dance artists, we were just doing our thing! Little did we know that people recognized that! Ang daming natuwa, ang daming naniwala at ang daming humanga sa G-Force. And I’m happy kasi ang dami naming napapasaya. These people aren’t even fans to us. We are not proud or happy that we have these fans because of the number of likes we get on social media. We are happy because we have people who believe in us. Isipin mo, sa ginagawa namin, we get inspiration from other people. Little did we know that we’ve reached a point na kami rin pala yung inspiration. That right there is my proudest accomplishment to date. Pero tanungin mo rin ako bukas, baka mag-iba answer ko [laughing]. Given your intense work schedule, how do you unwind and relax? Oh, we all need that break. Tawag nga namin doon “vitamins” eh. I make it a point to fly out of the country once in a while to unwind. That’s the one thing I find absolutely therapeutic, getting to travel by myself. I take the first flight out and take the last flight back in, and I’m good to go and ready to take on work again. I also enjoy watching shows when I’m abroad. It’s a nice change being the one in the audience watching an entire production for your entertainment…and it’s another great source of inspiration! Do you have any beauty and fitness routines you follow or maintain? Well, I’m already 38 years old. At this point, I try to combat everything so I don’t need to invest in correcting. Plain and simple, we’re in a very visual business. You just have to treat it as such. ‘Pag hindi mo inalagaan, masisira yung business mo. That’s fundamentally what it is. It’s part of being on TV, of always being seen by the public. More important than looking good, you have to feel good about yourself and invest in your health. To start off, I make sure I stay hydrated. I drink lots of water everyday. I’m also guided by nutritionist Nadine Tengco, who happens to be a dear friend of mine. I used to love junk food. I’d snack on chips all the time, but that was one habit I had to get rid off. I make it a point to go to the gym on top of training with the dance group, too! It’s because the training I undergo now in dance is not enough. It isn’t as rigorous as the training I did before. White Shirt Love helped a lot here too. Can you tell us more about White Shirt Love? White Shirt Love is a dance and fitness workshop I designed originally for moms. It’s a dance and fitness workshop that will really boost your confidence. It’s liberating, it’s fun, and it’s a sensual dance class. This must have been a first in our country. How did women here take to it? A lot of women, not only moms, actually say they’re addicted to this program [laughing], because they really feel good about themselves after doing White Shirt Love. It can be broken down into three parts: We start with a warm-up followed by strengthening exercises and lastly, choreography. It’s designed for non-dancers. So kahit sino, kahit anong size pwedeng pumunta. The only restriction is that you have to be at least 18 years old to take up a class with us. What was your inspiration for White Shirt Love? After giving birth, I tried all forms of fitness routines to try to bounce back and none of them worked for me. They just weren’t for me. You really have to find something that works for you and that you find fun, so I thought, “Why not design my own routine? I know my body, I know myself, so I designed White Shirt Love.” It was the one routine that was able to get my body toned again. And how did it progress into a dance fitness workshop? From the beginning, I knew I wanted to create my own routine. I wanted something that was mine. It was a matter of figuring out what that thing was. That’s what I had difficulty with. We did one production number with Angelica Panganiban where she performed my choreography in a white shirt and nagmarka yun sa mga tao. That’s when I felt that we were on to something with this white shirt concept. We took that choreography and had the G-Force dancers perform it at our recital. And guess what? Most men, nakanganga talaga [laughing]. And the thing was that the partners weren’t offended at all! What they were thinking about was how they wanted to learn the routine and do it also! That’s when I thought, “That’s what I’m going to make. That’s the dance fitness I’m going to create!” June is truly shaping up to be the month of Georcelle Dapat-Sy. She was awarded at the MEGA Pinoy Pride Ball for her exemplary work as an artist elevating the standard for dance as an art form in the country. On June 23, Teacher Georcelle along with G-Force will take the stage at the Music Museum in a dance concert dedicated to the LGBT community. In the works as well is a dance documentary with award-winning television producer, Michael Carandang. The future looks promising and bright for G-Force, an undeniably unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

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