Victoria’s Secret Angel Wannabes: How to Have the Butt of an Angel

squat_featured_image Your butt (or glutes, ass, behind, however you want to affectionately call it), is at the center of your body. It affects your posture, your entire look, how you walk, and how clothes fit you. It should deserve your attention as much as your abs. Squats are the most popular exercise to tone the butt (and probably the only way you know how). If you’re not doing squats already, you might want to start now. We don’t really have an excuse not to–it can be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone. If you’re already doing squats on the regular, cheers to you! But most people do squats wrong, so here’s a little video to cross-check your squatting skills. If you’re tired of squats (literally and figuratively), here are other butt exercises you can do from none other than the trainer of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, Justin Gelband. If we do this enough, we might just grow angel wings!

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