Get That Flawless Look Even Without Makeup in 3 Easy Ways

Gone are the days when a fully made up look was the look du jour. As seen on our Instagram feeds and the past runways, clean, shining skin is still in, which only gives us more reasons to go bare-faced.

Not ready to let go of your foundation? Below are three skincare steps to look good even without makeup! 

1. Moisturize

When your skin loses volume, your face ends up looking dull and tired. Why do you think Korean girls have been piling on layers and layers of moisturizers to achieve the ‘glass skin‘? The goal is to have plump skin that once light catches your face, you’ll have that natural glow even without foundation or highlight. So before applying your regular moisturizers, double up on the moisture and slather serum on your face. Celebrities like Elisse Joson also swears by this, but she only applies the serum at night. 


“Kala mo highlight pero oilyness lang yan” Caption by @kamjoson 🙄

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2. Groom your brows 

Essentially, brows frame the face and pull your features into focus. So to look good bare faced, it’s important to keep those arches groomed. Apart from removing stray hairs and getting it shaped, slather Petroleum Jelly on your brows and brush it up using a spoolie. Doing this will tame those arches, sans the brow gels. 

3. Hydrate your pout 

Your flawless complexion won’t be complete with dry, flaky lips. Exfoliating your pout is key, but if you got no time for the scrubbing session, here’s a quick fix: reach for your trusty face wipes in your handbag, and conveniently slough away dead skin. Top it off with your trusty lip balm and you’ll look fresher than ever. 

In-article images: Harper’s Bazaar

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