Harper Beckham Just Found Out the Truth About Her Mother


Getting a glimpse into the everyday lives of your favorite celebrities is always a treat. Just when you thought you’ve seen enough of them on billboards and magazines, a simple photo directly from a star can tease your curiosity even more. Just imagine the internet’s surprise when they witnessed how Victoria Beckham’s only daughter, Harper, first discovered that her mother was a Spice Girl–in the most unexpected way, that is.

Over on Instagram, Victoria posted her vintage collection of Spice Girl dolls in their cute stage outfits. Moments later, she released a snap of the youngest Beckham examining the dolls from a considerable distance, looking rather pensive. The caption gave Harper’s reaction away: When you find out mummy was a pop star!!


The adorable photo was topped off with another snap that showed Harper holding on to her favorite dolls–Posh Spice and Baby Spice. Surely, this was a proud moment for mummy Victoria, who captioned it with Spice up your life! and then later Harper loves her Spice Girl Dolls!


Victoria Beckham has achieved a lot in life, but the series of snaps alone prove which role the designer, businesswoman, and former pop star enjoyed the most: being a mother.

So who was your favorite Spice Girl? Are you a fan of Posh and Baby Spice like Harper? 

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