This Latest SPF Literally Works Like An Invisible Shield

glossier Glossier is a new make-up brand from New York that everyone, especially millennials, seem to adore. Their witty tagline ‘skin first, make up second’ is proof that their product philosophy emphasizes on the importance of skincare–glowing, dewy natural skin is their thing. If there’s one overlooked secret to a clear skin, it would be sunscreens. Just recently, the Glossier team launched a new product – the Invisible Shield. With the serum-like, gel formula of this SPF that easily absorbs into your skin, you won’t have the ugly white cast and greasy effect that we all hate when it comes to other sunblocks.
This definitely lands on our beauty wish-lists! Invisible-Shield-Carousel-2 Invisible-Shield-carousel-3 Invisible-Shield-carousel-2

In-article images: Glossier

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