Got Acne Spots? This Blogger Has A Genius Hack To Hide It

Here’s a fact: no matter how faithful you are to your skincare routine, there will always come an annoying day when an acne spot would welcome itself to your life. Sure, you got your concealer’s back whenever you need it, but what if the bump is still noticeable? 

Youtube star, Desi Perkins, revealed an unexpected beauty solution: faux freckles. If you scroll through her Instagram selfies, you’ll notice that the beauty guru’s face boasts a handful of beauty marks. Little did we know that these were pimples disguised as freckles, thanks to strategically placed dots of dark shadow. Once coupled with extra-luminous skin, her unwanted marks were barely visible.

Curious to know how she did it? Below, we broke down the steps!

1. Conceal the acne spot

Cover up the pimple as you normally would. 

2. Blend the edges

 To make your concealed pimple less obvious–especially in broad daylight–be sure to fully blend the concealer surrounding the pimple.

3. Create a faux beauty mark 

Now here comes the magic. Once you’ve covered up the pimple, use a liner brush to lightly dot a dark brown shadow over the zit, creating a faux freckle. For the final touch, dab powder over the fake mark to make it seem more natural. “Since the rest of your face has powder over it, it’ll look [faker] if it’s just a dot with no makeup over it,” says Perkins. Et Voila! You’ve achieved a flawless face. 

Watch the video below to see it for yourself! 

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