Gucci’s Maximalist Affair for Spring 2018 Brings The Fun Back In Fashion

Today, Alessandro Michele is absolutely the biggest proponent of maximalism in fashion. Gucci’s Spring 2018 presentation was a sight to behold, as drama and extravagance were heightened on the runway. The Italian fashion house only continues to prove that they’re unlike any other luxury line. The Milan-held affair was the epitome of opulent 80s romanticism. Gucci took layered pearls, fanny packs, and Grandparent-approved oversized glasses to cool new heights. The pieces were embellished with lavish details that embody the luxe, delightfully weird Gucci aesthetic. As expected, Michele went full throttle on eccentricity. Models walked down the smokey, disco glam catwalk in glitter hosiery, tinsel-like fringe, fanciful headwear, and pineapple epaulets. In a backstage interview with Elle UK, Michele relayed his direction for the show, “I tried to put more of this kind of aesthetic. It’s pop but it’s also very sedated in a way,’ he explained. ‘It’s kind of like a musician. You need more, more notes. More, more because otherwise the music stops. And I don’t want it to stop.” The injection of quirk truly makes the heritage brand’s visuals stand out from the rest. Michele’s resistance to basic fashion has proven to be a success. His complete overhaul of Gucci took the label to a winning streak, as their sales have been on a steady incline under his creative direction. His eclectic collection may be overwhelming for some, but for Gucci, it’s surely just the tip of the iceberg. See Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2018 runway presentation below:   Quote source: ELLE UK Photos from: |

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