Heels as Comfy as Your Flats


Heels are addictive. We’d do anything to wear them everywhere, every single day. They make us feel tall and powerful, like we can take on the world. As Christian Louboutin once said, “I wouldn’t take it as a compliment if someone looked at one of my shoes and said, ‘Oh, that looks like a comfortable shoe.'” Maybe that’s why those red-soled babies are such a pain. But heels and comfort shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. We’ve found ways to trick the system while still looking fabulous. Choose heels that optimise comfort via simple physics:

1. Block heels: wider surface area


One of the things that make high stilettos painful is that our bodies put so much effort into balancing on a single point. Physics says that the wider the area of contact, the less pressure (the pressure is spread out instead of concentrated). Hence, thicker heels.

2.Wedges: even wider surface area


Same concept with block heels, different style. Wedges are great for more casual days. Some wedges are so sturdy and comfortable, our feet actually prefer them to our flimsy flats.

3. Stacked heels: solid construction, no wobbliness


Another reason for the pain stilettos cause is their instability. Those thin, sometimes plasticky heels are not enough to support more than 100 pounds of sexiness. Micro-muscles in your body will make an effort to stabilise you, which will have you sore in a few hours or less. If you must wear thinner heels, look for solid, wooden constructions that refuse to wobble.

4. Platforms: lessens the arch on the feet


These do not sacrifice height for comfort. With 2 inches in the front, you can go as high as 6 inches while still technically walking in 4 inches. If you don’t like the look, choose invisible/hidden platforms.

5. Kitten or Midi heels: the lower the heel, the comfier


It’s pretty self-explanatory–the lower the heel, the easier it is for the feet. If you like slender stilettos, this is the perfect height to use them. Choose kitten heels (1-2 inches) or midi heels (2-3 inches).

6. Open-toed pumps or boots: uncramped toes feel better


Another reason why regular high heels kill our feet is that they restrict blood flow in the toe area. Don’t let it cramp your style–open up those babies!

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