Here are 5 Sophisticated Scents For Every Personality

Here are 5 Sophisticated Scents For Every Personality
Here are 5 Sophisticated Scents For Every Personality
The right scent uplifts your mood, your day, your life. We’re always searching for that perfect concoction, the one that complements our inner selves. Our scent-mate, if you may. But the options are overwhelming–we get tired just thinking of where to begin! We’ve found a compact little collection that answers that dilemma–the Jo Malone Bloomsbury Set, created from a perfumer’s storybook experience in the English countryside. “When we visited Charleston, in the middle of the English countryside, I didn’t know what to expect but I fell in love with it. When I was there I made a storyline in my head from morning to afternoon to evening, so the five fragrances have a natural evolution. What I particularly loved about The Bloomsbury Set was the juxtaposition of domesticity and simplicity with this hugely intellectual environment.” — Yann Vasnier, Master Perfumer. Flip through the gallery to see the inspiration behind this collection:
1. For the Androgynous Enigma

If you’re elegant, dark and passionate–and just a tad just tomboyish–you’ll love this.

Tobacco & Mandarin by Jo Malone

Fruity, vibrant mandarin and herbaceous sage sweetened with the warm elegance of beeswax sweet pipe tobacco.

2. For the Secretive Seductress

If you’re sweet, sensual, and love the finer things in life, you’ll want to smell like this.

Whisky & Cedarwood by Jo Malone

An oriental, warm enigmatic blend of fine whisky and opulent roses edged with spicy pimento, warm cedarwood and an intriguing accord of waxy wooden floors.

3. For the Glamorous Goddess

If people can’t handle your larger-than-life spirit, let them bask in this scent.

Leather & Artemisia by Jo Malone

A woody, earthy scent. The striking green facets of anise-tinged absinthe blend with aromatic artemisia, soft orriswood and the deep richness of leather enhanced by the amber woody notes of Cypriol.

4. For the Spirited Adventurer

If you’re a jet-set curious little cat with boundless energy, you might want to pump it up with this scent.

Blue Hyacinth by Jo Malone

Fresh, spicy, intoxicating bold blue hyacinth warmed by the sun entwined with the vibrancy of garden geraniums and woody vetiver.

5. For the Nature Lover

If you’re a forest nymph who can’t go a week without some RnR in the mountains or by the beach, this one’s for you.

Garden Lilies by Jo Malone

The scent of dawn at the lily pond captured with effervescent water lilies, dewy green sap and lush ylang ylang enhanced with white musk and a wisp of vanilla. Aquatic and floral.

The Bloomsbury set is available from March 2017. Each 30ml Cologne at Php 3,780.

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