The 3-Step Hair Routine To Achieve Healthier Locks

kerastese Let’s face it: for every fashion girl, an #OOTD is never complete without gorgeous locks to top it off (the many photo re-takes we do when our hair isn’t cooperating are solid proofs). As much as we’ve been trying to get that healthy glow on our faces, our hair needs it just as much. This summer, french haircare brand Kerastase brought lifestyle ambassadors to the luxurious Amanpulo, Palawan for a weekend of natural hair rejuvenation, relaxation, and personal care. k The brand introduced the sensation of achieving ‘nude’ hair–uncoated and free from residues–which reminds us of how our natural hair felt back when it was free from hair color, and all the heat styling. Luckily, there’s a 3-step hair care routine you can do to bring back this sensation to your locks. P.S. This goes for dull, devitalized hair.

1. Bathe


Bain Micellaire

Prep the hair by washing away impurities while maintaining its natural integrity. Our best bet? A gentle cleansing formula like Bain Micellaire for that sensorial, luxurious lather that feels a lot lighter, and more relaxing to your locks, instead of feeling like it’s being stripped of its natural oils. Harsh sulfates are replaced with natural ingredients derived from coconut and sugar.

2. Treat 


Soin Fondamental

Addressing your hair’s target problem areas is crucial. Opt for something richer than a conditioner, but lighter than a masque. Try Soin Fondamental which contains organic Coconut and Argan Oil. It immediately melts into the hair to infuse deep durable nutrition, leaving a nude, uncoated touch and healthy glow.

3. Texture



Essence D’ Eclat

Once your hair is all cleaned and prepped, the last step would mean protecting it from further damage. This leave-in controls frizz for the perfect airdry, and protects your hair during blowdry. It’s a lightweight mist that contains oils such as Coconut, Argan, Jojoba and Avocado oil, and Damascus Rose-infused floral water, which leaves a luminous finish to your locks!

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