Holiday Gift Guide: Items Your OC Friend will Love

holiday-gift-guide We all have that one friend who likes to keep her stuff neatly organized– in every possible way. She just can’t have things all over the place. Apparently, seeing things that are aesthetically pleasing satisfies them. If you already got a person in mind, we’ve gathered the cutest and useful items to keep things organized. We’re sure your OC friend will be glad to unwrap these gifts!

1. Makeup Organizer

Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display, Php 683, Lazada

Makeup can get really messy, especially when its all mixed up with a variety of products, from mascaras to compact powders.

2. Planner

Sunnies 2017 Agenda
Sunnies 2017 Agenda

OC people like to keep their schedule organized, too. This is the easiest go-to gift that we know will come in handy for them!

3. Storage Bins

Metal Storage Basket, Php 899, H&M

Look for storage bins that are not only useful but are decorative as well.

4. Artsy Shelf

Pineapple-shaped Shelf, Php 999, H&M

Who wouldn’t be charmed by this pineapple shaped shelf? This gift would also be a cute addition to their rooms, which they can use to organize knick-knacks.

5. Desk Calendar

2017 Desk Calendar, Typo

Add a dose of inspiration to their desks while helping them keep track on their plans.