Holiday Headgear: 9 Accessories to Put On Your Head This Season

hat_featured_image One of the hundred reasons why we love Christmas is the license it gives us to go extra-bold. The festive spirit blesses us with enough sass to wear these statement pieces loud and proud (some of them aren’t even meant to be worn on the head!). Take advantage of the holiday season by donning these accessories like a true style queen.
1. Pompom beanie

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a trusty fur beanie. It doesn’t snow here, so we’ll dial down the full fur bonnet to a pompom fur accent.


Get it here for P599.

2. Hairband with fabric antlers

This is the only time of year when you can wear reindeer headbands without looking crazy. This gilded one with padded antlers screams “ready to partaaay.”


Get it here for P349.

3. Metal mesh triangular scarf

Instantly upgrade your outfit with this metallic scarf wrapped around your head.


Get it here for P899

4. Small silk-blend scarf

Tie this subtle gold scarf around your head turban-style.


Get it here for499.

5. Cap with bow

Not for the faint of heart, this KenzoxHM cap is as festive as it gets.


Get it here for P2,990.

6. Velvet Choker Necklace

We can’t think about Christmas without thinking about red velvet. Use this choker as a wide headband.


Get it here for P149.

7. Satin cap

Be cool with this shiny baseball cap. Who says athleisure and Christmas don’t go together?


Get it here for P599.

8. Knit headband with bow

You’re a gift to this world (or so you’d like to think). Let it be known by donning this bow on your head.


Get it here for P599.

9. Glittery hairclip

Too chicken to wear bold headgear? Clean up your hair with this festive fur clip.


Get it here for P599.

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