Honey Skin VS. Glass Skin: Everything To Know About These K-Beauty Trends

If you’ve binge-watched several K-dramas lately and you find yourself wanting to achieve the flawless, hauntingly beautiful skin of Koreans (we’re looking at you Song Hye-Kyo), you’re not alone.   

Koreans take their skincare very seriously. In fact, instead of aiming for basic skincare goals such as “glowing skin”  or “clear skin”, they have been taking it a step further by coming up with more specific terms to define their ideal complexion. First, there was “Chok Chok” (a.k.a. the super-hydrated, bouncy skin). Then, a buzzy new term called the “glass skin” has surfaced, which was followed by the “honey skin”–a covetable complexion in Korea for years. 

Yes, it can be quite overwhelming, but who doesn’t want that glow, anyway? Keep scrolling to keep up with these Korean #SkinGoals (and to decide which one to aim for)! 

Glass skin 

The goal: poreless and intensely hydrated complexion, which mimics the appearance of a “glass” 

Just recently, Ellie Choi–an aspiring makeup-artist from Los Angeles–posted all the steps she did to achieve the coveted “glass skin” on Instagram and it soon went viral. As seen in the photo, her unbelievably poreless complexion looked as crystal clear as a glass. 

To achieve the coveted complexion, you’ll need to layer multiple hydrating products (think applying hydrating toners and deeply nourishing masks). However, Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily, explains to Refinery29, “It’s not something you get overnight – it’s consistent skincare that gives you that refined texture, the pinnacle of youthful skin.” 

Honey skin 

The goal: ultra-dewy, plump skin

Long before we were obsessed with “glass skin“, “honey skin” has been a skin goal of many Koreans. Essentially, it refers to a shiny, healthy-looking complexion. Upon hearing the words “healthy” and “plump”, one might think: how does it differ with “glass skin”? According to Allure, “‘honey skin’ is an older term that’s been used to describe hydrated, dewy skin,” In addition to that, “honey skin” is a lot easier to achieve, thanks to oils and emollient creams. Meanwhile, “glass skin” requires an extensive layering of hydrating products. 

Clearly, for Koreans, there is no such thing as too much moisture! 

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