Hong Kong High: You Know Where to Shop, But Do You Know Where to Eat?

vvbvbvbvThe modern, westernised country is statistically one of the favourite holiday destinations of Filipinos. Not only is it just a little over an hour away, it’s also a shopping and food haven. Which is perfect, since all that shopping burns a lot of calories. Most of us are already adventurous shoppers, so it’s time to learn how to be adventurous eaters! Meet Ian Wright, the wacky globe-trotter famous for his TV shows Globe Trekker and Invite Mr. Wright. He’s practically the most travelled man on the planet, and travel channel TLC is partnering with Hong Kong Tourism board to bring him to our TV screens! iw In A Taste of Hong Kong 3, Wright pairs up with equally crazy Chef Christian Yang to explore the tastes and smells of the renowned country. Chef Yang, having been trained in Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe, has returned to his homeland to share its iconic cuisine using European culinary techniques. maxresdefault We can’t wait to join these two troublemakers as they ride the Hong Kong tram to devour star eats, street eats and style eats! A Taste of Hong Kong premieres September 30, 2016, 6:40pm on TLC (Skycable Ch 62).

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