How High-Fashion Brands Benefit From Instagram Today

Times have definitely changed. As technology become the ultimate marketing tool, brands are now moving to social media to promote themselves to consumers.

Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger’s Instagram account

The platform has evidently been popular among fashion brands, most especially during last year’s New York Fashion Week; Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2016 show had an ‘Instagram pit’ where 14 handpicked influencers were exclusively seated to watch the spectacle. Meanwhile, Topshop hired fashion photographer Nick Knight to capture its Fall 2016 show live using Instagram to give their followers a more intimate experience. Clearly, what was previously considered as a mere ‘gimmick’ six years ago is now the most effective tool to build a brand’s desirability.

Hello Society

According to social marketing agency HelloSociety, celebrity influencer posts have helped increase many luxury brands’ engagement by 30%. A person whose lifestyle is admired by many is enough to convince consumers to buy a high end product, which is why it’s not surprise that influencers are held to such high value as they largely contribute to marketing.

However, choosing the right people is definitely an art to master. Social media managers have become casting directors of some sort and are in charge of choosing which influencers or celebrities fit their brand’s image. The criteria range from the influencer’s relevance, reputation, personality, and creative vision to fuse with their values. This is a crucial part of social media advertising as successful collaborations provide much hype and exposure. One great example is the rise of beauty guru and makeup brand collaborations, which are solely promoted online.

Chanel’s Instagram account

The visual nature of Instagram does not only provide consumers with double tap-worthy aesthetics, but the app also help exhibit a deeper insight on what brands really do. “We live in a fast-paced world where we want to see things immediately. There are people scrolling through Instagram 24/7. Brands using Instagram for their shows gives users a backstage feel, while also giving the designer the opportunity to showcase their collections on a global scale,” says Alice Parfrement–deputy editor at Fashion Monitor–with Marketing Week.

With millennials being the biggest fashion consumers and the major users of Instagram, it’s no surprise how brands are catering to their demographic. From Gucci combining high fashion with internet memes to Burberry tapping famous celebrity offsprings for photography projects, this only shows how great the internet and luxury fashion work together. Whether people are fond of the platform or not, one thing’s for sure: Instagram has revolutionized marketing in the modern age.

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