How To Achieve The Feather Brow Trend That’s Taking Over Instagram

Feather-Brows Gone are the days when thin, perfectly groomed brows were the ultimate goal. Now, the fuller it is, the better! But just when we thought that the beauty world has settled down for thick, bold brows, a new trend has been taking over, and it isn’t like anything we’ve seen before. Starting out as a joke, Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen showcased feather-like brows over her Instagram account, where the arch’s hairs are parted from the middle using a glue stick (yes, you read that right).
In a matter of days, many beauty gals on the Internet sported the brow trend, and even got a little more creative by adding a touch of shimmer and rhinestones. 
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With the faux-freckles, 100 layers of makeup challenge and now feathered brows, there’s definitely no shortage of crazy looks in the beauty department. We’re not fully onboard on this trend for a normal day, but if you want to play around with your makeup for a music festival, or you’re just curious to see how this trend will look on you, watch the tutorial below!  

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